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Jordan Stout, Artist


A little bit about myself....

I graduated from the Iowa State University of Science and Technology in 2018 with a BFA. My focus: painting and drawing.

I am an Iowa based artist with a focus on various forms of painting and drawing. With a heavy interest in illustration, my work tends to venture into science fiction, horror, fantasy, and everything in between. One of my greatest hobbies and passions in life is reading and collecting comic books. That, and with a severe addiction to pop culture, I find myself tethered to this fantastic lifestyle of being a creative. As an artist, my biggest influences include the likes of Frank Frazetta, Jack Kirby, Berni Wrightson, John Buscema, Drew Struzan, and James Gurney

Some of my other hobbies include video games, watching movies, collecting art books and paperback novels.

Thanks for stopping by!


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